Call for Papers (Concurrent Sessions & Posters)

Those offering to make presentations must submit an abstract that briefly describes their research or case study. Along with an overview, the abstract must include a description of the background and potential significance of the work, methodology, results, conclusions, and references (if any). All abstracts must conform to the structure outlined in the template.

Once the abstract is accepted, authors are encouraged to submit the extended abstract and full paper as optional items. Also, the PowerPoint slides used for presentation on-site will be collected.
These materials will be posted on the IAEE website for viewing after the conference.


Online Abstract Submission

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline September 9, 2022
Notification of abstract acceptance October 21, 2022
Submission of full paper and registration December 2, 2022
Conference starts February 4, 2023



List Of Topics That Could Be Addressed

  • Energy, economic development, and climate change
  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage methods and solutions
  • Circular Carbon Economy (CCE)
  • The role of hydrogen in the energy transition
  • Economics and geopolitics of oil and natural gas
  • Challenges facing the power sector in the MENA region
  • Economic and energy diversification in the MENA region
  • The impact of oil price volatility on supply and investment
  • The role of conventional energy in the energy transition
  • Energy sector investment and financing
  • The role of energy efficiency in the transition
  • Renewable energy opportunities and challenges
  • Energy and the transport sector
  • Energy and emissions modeling
  • Energy poverty and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • COVID-19 and energy
  • Energy supply and security
  • Energy and industrial competitiveness


When submitting the abstract, authors are requested to select one IAEE Energy Specialization Code, which you think is most appropriate to your paper.


List of the codes is available from here: IAEE Energy Specialization Codes



Abstract Details

Length: No more than two pages
Format: All abstracts must conform to the format structure outlined in the template and must be submitted in PDF format


Download the Abstract Template



Special Notes

  • One author can present only one paper at the conference.
  • Authors can submit multiple abstracts but if more than one paper is accepted, one of the co-authors must register to present the paper.
  • Title of abstract cannot be changed after the abstract has been accepted.




At least one author of an accepted paper or poster must register and attend the conference to present the paper or poster.



Copyright Agreement

This paragraph governs the intellectual property rights associated with works you submit for potential presentation at conferences sponsored by IAEE. You, as the author(s) of the submitted abstract, full-length paper, and associated presentation graphics, if any, for the conference, may claim and retain all copyrights to these works on the condition that you grant to the IAEE an unconditional non-exclusive indefinite license to summarize, edit, or excerpt those works, and to sell or make them available at no compensation to you, either in print or in electronic media, and to use the author’s name(s) and the contents of the works in connection with the publication, advertisement, or promotion of these works, the conference with which they are associated, and the IAEE. You, as author(s) of the submitted works, further warrant that they are original, have not been published previously, contain no matter unlawful in content or in violation of the rights of any third party, and contain all appropriate attributions or references to works of any other person. Concerns about this agreement should be communicated by Email under the subject “IAEE Copyright Agreement” to iaee@iaee.org


Online Abstract Submission